Woods at Sasan Resort


A property that nurtures life, an experience, that
nurtures existence.

Woods at Sasan by 1000 Island is the first hand-crafted eco-boutique luxury resort and spa at the edge of Gir Forest, the only place where the majestic Asiatic Lions are seen in the wild. Built within an eight-acre mango orchard, Woods at Sasan espouses a sustainable concept using indigenous materials and craftsmen with minimal intrusions to the natural terrain and foliage, the resort and spa sport supreme luxury that is innate.

The resort is ideal for a memorable getaway as it is located only some 60 km from the ancient Portuguese settlement of Diu, 40 odd km from Junagadh, a medieval town and is just a short drive from one of the most important Hindu temples in India: Somnath. The Gir Forest, besides the world-famous Asiatic lion, is also home to over 300 species of wild birds.

Your nature connect doesn’t get better than this.

Regional dining experiences

Influenced by regional cuisine and local savoir-faire, Swadesh is our flagship restaurant and follows us to all 1000 Island destinations. Here, at Woods at Sasan, Swadesh draws on Gujarat’s rich culinary heritage and specialises in authentic vegetarian thali with a stylish contemporary twist.

Seasonally inspired al fresco dining

Drawing from the best of two worlds, Indian and Global cuisines, Terracotta is a soulful all-day restaurant offering a combination of local specialties and international classics. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as a selection of our favourite dishes available around the clock – our team of chefs is on hand whatever the occasion.

For any event that is to be etched in memory

Our versatile Social Hall can accommodate up to 75 guests and is the ideal space to host private events such as conferences, meetings and social gatherings. Inspired by the surrounding Gir Forest, the hall’s design combines state-of-the-art facilities with a hand-crafted wooden interior, which mirrors the natural environment of Woods at Sasan.

SOM SPAReconnect to the core and real you

Inspired by Hindu mythology and the age-old quest for amrit – the elixir of life –Som Spa offers a holistic approach to well-being based on a deep connect with nature. Discover an exclusive space for relaxation, well-being and beauty which draws on both the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of India and the best of modern and alternative healing therapies.

Wellness at SOM SPA

THE POOLA dip in the jungle waterhole

Dive into the deep, cool and clear water of a pool in the midst of a jungle to relax the body and mind. The pool side bar and seating arrangement around is an ideal place to de-stress and be at leisure. A perfect spot for unwind, put one’s feet up and just drift in the beauty of pristine nature.

Monsoon Packages

pay for 2 nights & stay for 3 nights.
(Valid till 30 September, 2018)

Package on MAP

INR 17’999 ++

Package on MAP

INR 19’999 ++


Kids Playroom

We have given a serious thought to kids’ play and fun and have features in place to make them feel engaged and happy. So, we built an ultra-modern kids’ playroom offering a range of toys and games and educational activities to keep the children occupied so that you can have some quality time of your own without worrying about the little ones.

Fitness Room

Fitness is a routine that is best maintained even during holidaying. For fitness enthusiasts and first timers who would like to try their hand in a gym, our compact, personalised gym offers a full range of work-out options so that you can keep up with your health-routine even if you’re in the middle of a jungle.


If you are interested in any of our in-house activities, contact our guest service personnel on reception.