Hand Made Design Constructed


Unique and innovative hospitality concepts
We believe that the best kind of host
is one that learns from the heart, not from the books.

We put together Woods at Sasan to offer world-class bespoke experiences paired with a service that is steeped in the Indian tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and showcasing the best of regional cultures by working with – and from within – the local community. We’re young, we’re fresh and we like to do things differently and sustainably.

Collaborating with a host of international consultants, the 1000 Island design team was inspired by the soul of the Gujarat region and the best of international trends from the world of hospitality and design. Recognizing the importance of working closely with the local community, we teamed up with local artisans to source hand-made designs constructed with local and sustainable materials.


  • Tailor Made Designs
    Mukeshbhai Pomal is a master woodblock maker from Pethapur. He prepares tailor-made designs for the tablecloths used in Swadesh restaurant.
  • Decorative Seat
    Simple, but decorative seat, made from woven rope to breathe new life into the furniture; made by the local artisans.
  • Relishing Tradition
    Beadwork, a Gujarati specialty adds the finishing touch of tradition to the look and feel of our space. It's ‘Moti Bharat’ in the phrase’s truest sense.
  • Reviving Art
    The exquisite mud work on our walls give the space an earthly feel and teleports you to older times in a jiffy.