Terracotta Restaurant in sasan gir


Our restaurant is a crucible of cultures offering delectable dishes from local cuisine and international classics.

Terra cotta...baked earth...constituted of earth, perfected in fire, is made of two elements just like our restaurant Terracotta which serves the best food of two worlds, Indian and Global. Our restaurant is a crucible of cultures offering delectable dishes from local cuisines and international classics. Savour the finest preparations which include organic vegetables and spices from our very own kitchen and spice garden. The ambience calls for long meals relishing the dishes and imbibing the natural surroundings and aesthetic decor. Expect memorable culinary experiences that will linger long after you have finished the last bite and eaten that last morsel.


A pool in the centre of the property, embellished with a Bar that serves mocktails, health drinks, juices and smoothies makes it the perfect waterhole to congregate in. Given that the Bar is under a canopy of a massive Mango tree, Mango Bar was the obvious choice for its nomenclature. Lounge about the pool deck, float about the pool, or hang about the Bar and raise a toast to your good health. You could also relish authentic Italian wood fired pizza as we have a real wood fire oven by the Mango Bar.
terracotta pool
terracotta pizza
Enjoy a meal under the blue sky or the twinkling stars with the outdoor restaurant Al fresco. The setting is completely out of this world! Almost akin to a jungle picnic. Al fresco shares its menu with Terracotta.
terracotta pizza